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Patience Harder to Find than New Love

By Peter Jarosz

As the cobwebs of COVID

Play their deadly worldly games

We wonder. Except for the few

We known that have been bitten.

To empathize is just to lie

The one truth that is real.

To wish for the best

Is the other. Truth.

After that it's confusion

At best.

We walk talk etc

But so do robots

But we still can dream of the lights

At the far end of the tunnel.

But that is easy to say

If. Covid has not become more than a shadow.

Nature is peeling the sighs of winter away

But the work to spruce it up

Gets harder and harder

As the sunrise and our bodies ache with all the etc.

We have vacuumed all the webs

But continue on the web

To communicate.

Is that the bait?

Like a broken lovers heart

Time time time can only ease itself,

But like nature it heals itself

And patience is harder to find

Than a new love .

Yet some how we do manage

For it finds us


The price is the question .

The change

Find that penny!

The title. The Covid Cobweb www

I guess that is the rewrite

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very insightful poetry Peter. love it.

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