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Questions for the Old Fart Angels

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Earl Fowler

Is Tug McGraw starting for the Mets?

How many times a day do you think Mitch McConnell eats Cool Whip sandwiches or … um … mmm … mum .... ah … mumma ... ... ... Rose ... ah ... ah ... bud ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ?

Anyone know where the clicker is?

Do you think Justin and Mélanie were kneading the bag to colour the margarine yellow?

How come they don’t call anyone a masher any more? (Supplemental: Does the vice squad still wave their tallywhackers around at public urinals to see who waves back?)

Who’s the woke liberal dimshit pissant who thought it would be a good idea to start calling thongs flip-flops?

You know what I miss? The thunk of Chun King chow mein from a can.

What time does Rockford Files come on?

What was that band that used to sing: “Now, I’ve found, that the world is round, and the toast is made every day?”

Why is it that white supremacists are universally, to a man, the least supreme members of the melanin-challenged demographic?

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Frank Mackey
Frank Mackey
Aug 31, 2023

Or is it chick-filet?

Speaking of chickens, you know cocks rule the wock, right, but while some rulers are made to rule, some are made to measure.


Well, Mitch said, just yesterday, “ .” Which was one of the more intelligent and least repugnant things a Republican has said in a while.


Frank Mackey
Frank Mackey
Aug 30, 2023

Is broccoli contagious?

In the High Himalayas, must a widow walk three steps behind her husband or can she walk ahead?

Can a certified archaeologist date a caryatid without risking a charge of harassment?

If Leonard is pronounced Lennard, and leopard is pronounced leppard, how do you say leotard? It should be lettered, right?

Filet mignon is meat, but the feminine form, fillette mignonne, is a pretty little girl. How does that translate?

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