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retribution roundelay

November, 2020

Hitler choked in his bunker

Mussolini was hung by his heels

And you just never know how you're likely to go

When it comes to your turn of the wheel, boys

When it comes to your turn of the wheel.

For the wheel of your days keeps churning

Tolling your time and your price

And you just can't say how you'll have to pay

When it comes to your roll of the dice, boys and girls

When the devil rolls your final dice.

You can't slow the wheel when it's spinning

You can't call the game in mid play

And you can't foretell your corner of hell

When it comes to your reckoning day, boys and girls

And they come to take you away, boys and girls

We come to take you away.

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Hear, hear. Lock him up!

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