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What GOP slime balls would really like to ask Ketanji Brown Jackson

David Sherman & Earl Fowler

Where the hell did you get a name like Ketanji?

Aren’t you really a Muslim Jihadist?

Wouldn’t you rather be white?

Why haven't you sentenced every Black person to prison for life without parole?

Don’t you participate in pedophilia with your daughters at the local Pizza Hut? Do you have video to share?

Can you walk and chew gum at same time?

Isn't it true you listened to Motown when you were in Harvard?

Who wrote your exams for you?

How come you can use the N-word but I can't? Isn't that racist?

Are there any new dance trends we should know about?

Will the bus driver allow you to lug an entire watermelon to the annual SCOTUS potluck?

Will you be on time?

Are you making a political statement with your hair?

Is dope like Dy-no-mite?

What's Jimmie Walker really like?

Do you really believe we need a Black woman on the Supreme Court? We already have a Black man in our pocket and you seem kind’ve uppity.

Would you agree that having sex with children is disgusting unless it's a greasy Republican paying a teenager for sex?

Just want you to know, I have a black Lab and he’s very faithful and probably my best friend. I pat his head every morning.

Can you define what a human is? There are so few in our party I’ve forgotten.

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Shane Kinnear
Shane Kinnear
Mar 29, 2022

Perfectly said. Thank you.


ohhhh yeah...brilliant, guys; especially given that these characters are already mouth-foaming satires of themselves


Slime balls? You're too kind.

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