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And here's to a truly really no fooling-new year...

Happiest, hippest, healthiest, most healing and most hopeful new decade to all of us wandering GOSlings, and the folks we love. With a special shout to our dear herder-in-chief, the indomitable David.

Two songs from Pete to power us across: one for hope, and one for pure joy. This one, for hope...

And this one for pure joy:

Just when I thought All was lost, you changed my mind.

You gave me hope, (not just the old soft soap) You showed that we could learn to share in time. (You and me and Rockefeller) I'll keep pluggin' on, Your face will shine through all our tears. And when we sing another little victory song, Precious friend, you will be there, Singing in harmony, Precious friend, you will be there. love,

your devoted toronto tootsie

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