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If Joe Biden is Elected – a Warning from Mendacity Master Kayleigh MacEnany

Sunday will be cancelled.

Red states will be buried under solar farms and windmills. Schools will distribute children free heroin. Biden will block the sun in red states. Your daughters will be forced to appear in beauty pageants, the African-American owners of which will invade their dressing rooms and grab them by the pussy. They'll do anything they want. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be banned. Only tacos and egg rolls will be permitted. Cubans will infest Florida and open casinos and brothels in Miami and Tampa. Antifa will be free to burn down Christian churches and confiscate your bibles and guns for a massive bonfire. Labradoodles will be euthanized. Christians celebrating Easter will be flogged publicly by Muslims. U.S. military bases will be renamed after Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro and Marx. Rich people will be taxed at 99.9 per cent and forced to shine shoes at bus and train stations. Their children will be put in cages. Welfare, affordable housing and immigration offices will open in every white suburb, staffed by Mexican killers, rapists and drug dealers.

Your dishwashers won't wash and your showers will only allow one drop every minute.

New Year’s Day will be cancelled.

You won't have Donald Trump to kick around anymore.

Does anyone need a publicist without spine or soul? Will say anything for anyone.

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